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  Over the past four decades, the always upbeat Denise Austin has built a fitness empire that’s inspired and motivated millions of women. But despite her radiant spirit, she’s no stranger to heartbreak, the emotional transition of becoming an empty nester and the deep worry we’re all facing in the world right now. Here, her secrets to staying healthy and hopeful!

  Denise Austin’s passion for fitness hasn’t changed oneiota sinceshe made her iconic workout videos in the ’80s. Butevery morning, the wife and mother of two starts her day with a different kind ofexercise: one of gratitude. “From my family to my career, I try to bethankful and seeeach day as a gift,” shetells Woman’s World. “It keeps mefeeling positive and balanced, especially during the uncertainty of this pandemic.”

Still, Denise admits it can be tough to stay smiling at times. Losing her mom 10 years ago still paintseach Mother’s Day with a twinge of melancholy. To keep the heartbreak at bay, Denisefocuses on happy memories. “Every Mother’s Day, my siblings and I would make the whole day about Mom,” she recalls. This year, continuing thetradition of sharing joyful memories is helping Denise cope with otheremotional stresses.

  “My girls live on their own, so I am technically a new empty nester, which can be tough, but lately we’ve all been hunkered down together at my home, passing time talking, cooking and playing together,” the 63-year-old says. “In the  midst of this outbreak, it’s a blessing to be together.”

Another bright spot? Denise has recently been enjoying more quality time with her oldest daughter, Katie, who’s joined her mom’s fitness company. Read on for Denise’s tips for staying healthy, happy and positive come what may!

Startthe day with a little zest

  “I absolutely love coffee, butevery morning, I squeezesomefresh lemon juiceinto warm water and sip that before my first  cup,” Deniseshares. “I picked up that habit from my grandmother she used to do it every day! It’s a great way to get a kick of immunity-boosting vitamin C, and it helps mestay energized and focused all day.”

Schedule in the important things

  “It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in the world right now,” Denise admits. “But while we’re sheltering at home, structure is my antidote to going stir-crazy, so every Sunday, we make our workout plan for the week and schedule our walks. Knowing what my week holds helps me focus on what’s important and eases a lot of stress.”

Be yourself no matter what!

  “When I was little, I was always thefun, robust onein thefamily,” Denisereminisces. “My mom used to tell me, ‘Always be yourself and be ableto laugh at yourself.’  That’s the best adviceI’veever been given, and I’m so grateful shetaught meto never take myself too seriously. Doing that is sureto decrease anxiety…and when you can learn to enjoy yourself without feeling self-conscious, it just feels so freeing!”

Boost energy with interval walking

  “If it isn’t easy, I won’t do it,” Denise says with a laugh. “That’s why I love interval  walking! It’s so simple, but it dramatically transforms how you look and feel. I walk for 5 minutes at a normal pace, then walk as fast as possible for 1-2 minutes, then alternate fast and normal walking for 20 minutes. I’ll pump my arms to burn more, or I’ll bring along a loved one, which motivates us both to pick up the pace!”

Treat yourselfto small acts oflove

  “As soon as I get out of theshower, I treat my skin to organic coconut oil,” Denisesays. “It’s been my secret weapon to keeping my skin healthy for years. My skin never cracks or feels dry. And just that small moment of treating myself well sets me up for a wonderful day,especially now, when waking up and doing small things to take care of yourself and keep routineis so key you’re worth it!”

‘Fidget-cize’ your way to fit

  “I ‘fidget-cize’ around my house all day, doing small 10-second movements to get the blood flowing,” Denise says. “I’ll do walking lunges or leg lifts in the kitchen when cooking, or tighten my stomach like I’m pulling on a corset while brushing my teeth. A little toning here and there adds up throughout the day and makes me feel so accomplished!”

Denise’s virtual walking challenge

  This spring, Denise will host an online walking challenge on Join from the comfort of home as she shares tips for getting the most from your walk, or check out Denise and Katie’s mother-daughter workouts. Want more easy at-home exercises? Log on to and order a copy of Denise’s new Fit Over 50 special issue magazine to be sent to your door!


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