Mother’s Day fun at home!

  Kick off the day with a pretty brunch that’s a little sweet, a little savory and altogether so thoughtful. From a blooming wall to petal-topped desserts, this setting couldn’t be any cuter!

Start with a simple buffet  

  Serve up a delicious spread complete with a stacked pancake display, like this one styled by Maggie Antalek ( To re-create, pile pancakes (in two sizes) on a cake plate and surround with fruit; set on a table. Add a tray of deviled eggs, a charcuterie board, a bouquet and pretty patterned dinnerware. To finish, snip flower shapes from colorful scrapbook paper and tape to the wall.

Make it special with feel-good settings  

  Inspire smiles by adding a sweet sentiment to place settings. To do: Use watercolors to paint an abstract pattern on a piece of paper, then jot down a name with marker. Position under the rim of a plate, then top with a paper plate featuring a positive message (like Good Vibes Plates, $7 for 8, Add a paper napkin and cutlery to finish.

Serve up a savory bagel station  

  Bagel fixin’s look even more appealing when they’re served on a bagel board like this one, created by party pro Tara Berger ( To make, set bowls of cream cheese, capers and sliced onions on a large cutting board, then add sliced veggies, salmon, lemon wheels and fresh dill.

Mix up a sparkling sip

  Toast to all the moms in your life (near and far!) with a sweet and bubbly Bellini. The peach flavor perfectly complements brunch fare. To make a batch: Defrost a bag of peach slices, then puree in blender until smooth. Spoon puree into champagne flutes; top with prosecco or sparkling white wine. To make it a mocktail, use peach seltzer instead of bubbly!

Make gifts more special with custom decorations

  Slip a small token of your love for Mom like a framed family photo, a handmade craft or her favorite candies or cookies into a customized bag (made from around-the-house finds) and display on the table in front of her seat for an extra treat. Simply pop the gift in a brown paper bag, then use markers to draw an eye-catching border and a sweet message onto one side of the bag. To finish, cinch the bag shut with a length of bright pink ribbon tied into a bow.

Add garden flair with a pretty pail of posies

   Whether you enjoy your meal indoors or out on the patio, a bucket of blooms adds floralmarket style to your table. The key to the look? A galvanized bucket. To make this display, fill a bucket halfway with water (the bigger the bucket, the larger your flowers should be for a balanced look). Collect a mix of seasonal blooms from the garden or supermarket, then trim stems so they’re at least 2″ taller than the bucket. Insert the largest blooms into the bucket first, positioning stems so that the flower heads rest just above the rim of the bucket. Fill in any open space in the center of the bouquet with smaller blooms and greenery, then display on a table. Gorgeous!

3 tips for your best brunch

Serve blooming cupcakes

  A petite dessert is the perfect way to finish off your brunch. Simply bake a batch of vanilla cupcakes, then split your favorite vanilla frosting into three bowls and use food coloring to tint each a different shade (like purple, pink and blue). Snip the corner of a ziptop bag and pop in a star-shaped icing tip. Fill the bag with one of the tinted frostings and gently squeeze to pipe a swirl onto each cupcake; repeat with remaining tinted frostings. To finish, pinch pieces of store-bought fondant into petal and leaf shapes to form flowers; place atop cupcakes.

Make a memory jar

  Even if you can’t be with Mom on her special day, the best gift you can  give her is happy memories preserved in a special jar. To make, jot your favorite memories of time spent with Mom (from inside jokes to big life moments) on slips of paper, then fold and place in a large Mason jar. For a pretty touch, cut a square of floral fabric to fit over the lid, then secure with a ribbon and a paper gift tag that says “Memory Jar.”

Putleftovers to use

  If you’ve made more pancakes than needed, don’t fret! You can freeze extras on a parchment paper lined baking sheet, then transfer to a freezer bag. They’ll taste fresh for up to two months. To enjoy, heat pancakes in a 375°F oven for 10 minutes.


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