Feel happy energy all day long!

  The world may be uncertain, but nature continues to brim with life! Experts say these time-savvy strategies can give you the vim and vigor to match this sunny season.

When you wake up:  

Massage your scalp  

  Gently massaging your scalp and neck for 5 minutes each morning ideally before getting out of bed will help you feel 30% sunnier all morning long. That’s the word from Canadian researchers, who say morning is when your production of mood-sapping stress hormones spikes, and giving scalp and neck nerves a little blissful TLC can cut stress hormone production by 32%, plus prompt the release of the calming, fatigue-fighting brain chemical oxytocin.

At breakfast:  

Open a window  

  Crack the window while you’reeating breakfast and really listen to thesounds of nature, like birds chattering or leaves rustling in the breeze, and you’ll feel 65% more clearheaded and alert for the next 3 hours. Explains Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., author of Nature’s Secret Messages, focusing on thesounds of naturestimulates your brain to releaseenergizing beta waves.

At noon:  

Relax in the sun  

  Stretch out in the midday sun for 15 minutes every day, and your energy level could rise by 50% in 72 hours, say Boston University researchers. Explains endocrinologist Jerry Keane, M.D., UV light exposure prompts your skin to make vitamin D-3, a nutrient that energizes your liver, helping it break down fatiguetriggering toxins and wastes.


Dash to the mailbox

  As little as 2 minutes of motion midafternoon can increase your happiness, energy and stamina by 40% for 2 hours, British researchers say. Turns out, afternoon is when your production of energizing brain chemicals called endorphins naturally starts to dip, but a quick burst of motion can restore them to their morning peak.


  Expanding your chest with a yawn increases oxygen intake by 30%, which Stanford University researchers say prompts the release of hormones that sharpen focus in 10 seconds.



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