Body-beautiful in seconds!

10 protricks that maketroublespots instantly disappear.

It’s the typical ‘summer’s coming’ dilemma:

  We can’t wait to feel the season’s warm breeze and the sun’s gentle heat on our skin, but it involves shedding our concealing layers and slipping into body-baring fashions that emphasize bothers like cellulite, belly bloat, pit pudge. To the rescue: Top beauty experts reveal the simple solutions to tackle skin and body arghs so you can wear that sundress, shorts or swimsuit carefree and confident!


Smooth it with this 2-step trick

  Plan on showing some leg tomorrow?Apply a skinsmoothing patch (like Stretch PatchCellulite+ Extra Strong Formula, before bed tonight! The self-heating patch (heat helpsingredients absorb better)isinfusedwith gingerroot extract(which increases circulation to remove the excessfluidsthat make up and magnify cellulite) and hydrating glycerin (which plumpsskin)to diminish dimples as you sleep. Then, before you go out,remove the patch and dab a silicone-based face primer, like Benefit Cosmetics The PORE fessional Face Primer (, onto spotswith cellulite. Silicone blurs and “fillsin” dimples(this helps even if you don’t do the patch!)forsmoother-looking thighs!


Erase them with self-tanner

  It’s been some time since ourskin hasseen the sun, and that pallid tone can make discolorationslike spider veins,stretch marks and age spots appear more prominent. The quick fix makeup artist Mari Shten, who’s worked with Maye Musk and Bellamy Young, turnsto? Self-tanner.“Applying an instant wash ofsun-kissed color onto the body camouflages any spots, marks orscars, while the tanner’s warm, golden undertones cancel out the cool tonesin purple vein clustersso they instantly disappear.” To do: Apply three pumps of an instantself-tanner (like Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse, onto a tanning mitt (like Ulta Sunless Mitt, and rub evenly onto dry skin. Let dry for 5 minutes.


Clear it with a shimmer stick

  We’re constantly reaching for ourrazorthistime of yearto ensure legsremain hair-free. The downside? The older we are, the more sensitive ourskin becomes and the more prone it isto shaving-related irritation. New York City dermatologist Debra Jaliman, M.D.,says you can relieve the rash and coverit at the same time with a nutrient-infused shimmerstick! One she likes? Honest Beauty Magic Beauty Balm Stick (“It containssun flowerseed oil, which isloaded with skin-repairing antioxidants,soothing vitamin E to reduce redness and inflammation and coconut oil, which deeply moisturizesskin to calm irritation and prevent future rashesfrom occurring.” What’s more, the balm leaves behind a slightsheen so leg skin glows, helping detract from redness or bumps.

To do: Sweep the balm onto razor burn, then rub in and blend with fingertips. Rashes will instantly look less noticeable, but use fortwo to three days, and they’ll heal completely!


Banish it with a ‘cold’ rub

While breakouts may have seemed like a distant teenage memory,similar hormonal changes can cause body acne to recurin women over 50. What can help heal bacne quickly: the medicine-cabinetstaple Vicks VapoRub Topical Cough Suppressant (“The rub containscamphor, which has antibacterial properties that help kill acne-causing bacteria,” says dermatologist Debra Jaliman, M.D. It’s also infused with antiinflammatory eucalyptus oil that controlsredness and swelling within seconds of making contact with skin.

To do: Dab a pea-size amount of the rub onto blemishes with a cotton swab and leave on skin since the salve’s nutrients continue to repairirritated skin all day long.


Lift it with cleavage ‘contouring’

  The easy way to fake a breast lift surgery-free? Celebrity makeup artist Mari Shten uses bronzer and a fluffy powder brush to contourthe chests of herfamous clients!“It creates breast-defining shadows along the cleavage, which helps breasts appear higher and fuller,” she explains. Her pro tip: Opt for a waterproof bronzerlike Tarte Mini Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer( to ensure the colorstays put and won’t become streaky if you’re sweating orswimming.

To do: Swirl a powder brush in the bronzer and apply down the center of the chest between breasts, then blend the color up and out creating a V-like shape along the upper curve of the bosom. For an added optical lift,swipe a cream highlighter(like e.l.f.Cosmetics Shimmer Highlighting Stick, along the top of each breast.


Shrink it with a sheet mask

  Those salty treats and bubbly beverages we’ve been indulging in while cooped  up have a way ofswelling the belly, making uslook and feel up to 10 pounds heavier. Whether you plan to don a bikini orjust want to feel comfortable in lastsummer’s sundress, you can trim the midsection fast! Aesthetician Sarah Akram, who’s worked with Catherine O’Hara and Kate Walsh,suggests a firming belly sheet mask that contains peptides and bergamot oil, like Freeman Beauty Happy Belly Firming + Smoothing Sheet Mask (“Peptides are made of amino acidsthat signalskin cells to boost collagen production, which has an instant tightening and firming effect on skin along the belly.” And bergamot oil increases circulation, which helpsrid the body of excessfluidsto further de-puff the belly.

To do: Apply mask to the stomach and letsit 15 minutes, then rub the excessserum into skin.


De-crease it with this SPF

  Thewrinkly results of years of UV exposure on our delicate-skinned décolletage can have usshying away from haltertops, V-necks and tank-style dresses. Since slathering the area with SPF is key to protecting skin andwarding off newsun damage, look for one infused with sparklesto instantly turn back the clock! “Shimmer causeslight to bounce off ofskin along the chest,which blursthe appearance of fine lines andwrinklesso the chest looks immediately more youthful,” says Newport Beach,California, dermatologist Zenovia Gabriel, M.D. Onewe like:Coppertone Glow Hydragel Sunscreen 50 (’sformulatedwith light-reflecting particles, aswell as hydrating beeswax that deeply absorbsinto skin, plumping neck and chest creases.

To do: Massage a nickel-size amount onto neck and chestskin before heading outside. Reapply every 80 minutes while outside for optimalsun-protection benefits.


Slim it with a lymph massage

  What’sto blame forthose unflattering rollsthat pop up underthe arm in sleevelesstops or bathing suits? Hot temperatures cause the lymphatic system to be sluggish,resulting in a buildup of fluids and toxins that accumulate underthe arms and make the area appear puffy.Alymph massage can help fast!“The motions of massage increase circulation,which encourageslymph drainage, eliminating trapped fluids and toxinsto shrink pit pudge,” says celebrity aesthetician Ildi Pekar.Also smart? Massaging the area with grapefruit essential oil, a diuretic that booststhe body’s ability to flush away retainedwater.

To do: Dilute 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil in 1 Tbs. of coconut oil (it hydrates and preventsirritation). Rub a nickel-size amount onto hands, then place one hand on each side of the neck below each ear and sweep hands down toward the shouldersfive times. Next,sweep fingertips acrossthe collarbone (starting from below the neck out toward shoulders) five times. End by massaging armpitsin a circular motion for one minute.


Firm them with a toning serum

  You can get gorgeous armssans exercise,says dermatologist Debra Jaliman, M.D., when using a slimming serum infused with marine plankton extracts and caffeine, like Cheeky Physique Arm Sleek Upper Arm Firming Serum (; enter code FIRST25 for 25% off at checkout). Plankton extract is packed with moisturizing fatty acidsthat deeply penetrate skin,so arms appearinstantly smooth and supple,says Dr. Jaliman. “And diuretic caffeine has a skintightening effect that helps make tricepslook tauterin minutes.”

To do: Massage three pumps of the serum onto upper armsin the morning until fully absorbed.


Boost it with lifting tape

  With each year, itseems our backside gets lower and lower and wearing a formfitting skirt (or even worse, a swimsuit!) puts a big old spotlight on this unflattering effect of gravity. The good news? Celebrity stylist Danielle Tavia says you can perk the rearright up with lifting tape, like SkinniesInstant Lifts Swimmers (“The strategic placement of the skin-safe adhesive helps hoist up the butt, giving it a figure-flattering boost,” says Tavia. Plus, the tape is waterproof,so it can be worn under a swimsuit for added backside confidence.

To do: Simply pressthe bottom of the tape mid–butt cheek, then pull the top up (it liftsthe tush upwith it)to your desired derriere position, then pressthe top of the tape into place.


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